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Hollywood – Los Angeles and Limousines

If you are planning to come to Los Angeles and hire a limo and driver to take you to the iconic Hollywood sign, we can help. As the music and movie capital of the world, Los Angeles has always had a great number of luxury, chauffeured vehicles for its residents and travelers to our fair city that want to have a “celebrity” experience.

Will Uber and Lyft Take Over?

With so much buzz surrounding Uber these days, there is no question whether it is going to go viral…it already has. Can anybody stop them or should they?

LAX Land-Side Operations 

Landside is the governing body for all transportation at LAX. If you want to pickup or drop off at LAX they are the people to deal with.

 Getting to and From LAX

 What are the options during and after construction? In in depth look at what is happening and what it means for travelers

Booking your ground transportation?

It has never been easier than right here, right now. By using our secure online booking form and easy to use booking widget.

Sedans, SUVs And Town Cars Now In Eagle Rock

Hollywood Town Car and Limousine is happy to announce that we are now keeping extra cars in Eagle Rock California.

Going to the Big Game and you are driving?

Hollywood Town Car & Limousine has everything you need to guarantee a safe and relaxing ride. Whether your a corporate executive…

LAX Limo Waiting Lot – What is it and Where is it?

All these cars are waiting for passengers to arrive from all over the world as well as getting their LAX limousine charter ticket for a whopping $5.00 USD. Find out more now.

How do I choose the best vehicle for my needs?

At Hollywood Town Car and Limousine we offer a wide range of cars to suit any trip.
Our impressive fleet brings you options to fulfill your needs.

Is it a Black Car a Town Car or just a Sedan?

Hollywood Town Car & Limousine has everything you need to guarantee a safe and relaxing ride. Whether your a corporate executive or an assistant.

Renting a Car and Driver While In Los Angeles

The first thing you want to consider is cost. Most car services are a bit pricey, however, they provide an experience that’s hard to forget.

It’s the Law!
Safety is not a game

Believe it or not, drivers can get cited for transporting a child using the wrong type of seat or no car seat at all. 

Or Other Awards Shows in Los Angeles.

Arriving in style for your big night well-dressed and relaxed is only part of our promise at Hollywood Town Car & Limousine.

About long hauls to the desert (and other exotic places)

We often get calls for long trips to places like Las Vegas or the Palm Springs area. Callers are looking for all different types of vehicles and it always brings up the same types of issues.

What will Limo Companies do and when?

The bottom line on autonomous (self-driving) limousines is that we are just not there yet. Once we get there, it will be interesting to see who takes the lead and what the clients think about it. 

Let a professional show you the town

What is the best way to see the city of Los Angeles and not drive yourself? 
…and yes we will show you the Hollywood Sign