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Sporting Event Luxury Transportation Services in Los Angeles

You may be thinking, why not get one before the booths close at 11:55 pm if you have a guest coming in early? Well, you cannot. The tickets are only good for 2 hours and the color changes every day to prevent fraud. So…you are SOL. The good news is, only a few flights come in that early and those are usually from Hawaii. Aloha!. If you are lucky enough to be a guest when a driver gets pulled over by the LAX police for not having a trip ticket, please add an extra 20-40 minutes to your trip.

The lot was inside LAX for many years. We drivers liked it a lot better when it was. For one thing, it was fun. It was right at the beginning of the north runway and the planes would approach directly over your head. It is a truly spectacular site to see a jumbo jet, fifty or sixty feet above your head. The other reason was, it was better for our clients and guests. We were parked less than 2 minutes away from Terminal One curbside and about 5-7 minutes from the Bradley terminal. You can now add about 5 to 10 minutes to your curbside wait time because of the move. Thanks LAX management!

What happens at the lot? Not much. There is a tremendous amount of waiting. . There is a catering truck that comes, I think, every 2 hours and stays for about an hour. Many of the drivers can be found congregating at the tables and Armenian Backgammon while they wait for their guests to arrive.

Johnny Brenner / Article / Managing Partner Hollywood Town Car and Limousine