Sprinter Coach or Limousine

When you want to move
 a group of friends, staff, crew, executives, travelers or even a whole party!

Maximum Comfort

Sprinter Vans come in variety of configurations depending upon your needs. Choose from an Executive Coach, Standard Coach or Stretch Limousine Configuration. For more information, please call:
Our Travel Coordinators are standing  by to assist.

LUXURY AND STYLE | Mercedes Benz | Coach | Executive Coach | or Luxury Limousine


With an Sprinter Van you get:

  • Seating for 12, 14, 16 or 18 Passengers
  • 40 sq. feet of Luggage Capacity
  • Select Amenities Depending on your configuration needs

Sprinter Configurations

Our Fleet Policies

Combining our unrivaled, daily maintenance regimen, in-house auto detailing, near constant vehicle upgrades and the acquisition and implementation of state of the art technologies, your ride is Guaranteed to be perfect. 


All of our fleet is maintained with daily, monthly and semi-anual updates and upgrades.


Our in-house detailers look at every nook and cranny to ensure your car looks perfect

New Vehicle Acquisition

We are alsways on the lookout for new and vintage vehicles to make our fleet more fun and attractive.


State of the art sound systems, LED lighting, On-Board WiFi are just a few of the technologies you will find in our fleet.